How’s it looking (mini-sode)

As the Malaysian season starts in February and finishes in November, the European leagues all finish part way through our season around mid-May / June time, so lets take a look at how the top divisions ended.


Despite getting hammered 5-1 away at Chelsea on the last day of the season, Liverpool won the league due to Man United’s draw with already relegated Huddersfield


Big shock in Spain as Valencia pipped Atletico Madrid to the La Liga title. I’m going to assume this is based on head to head results as Atletico’s goal difference is better than Valencia’s.



No surprises in Germany or Portugal


Somewhat surprising in France is that Lyon won Ligue 1 over PSG


Finally normal service in Italy as Juventus claim yet another Serie A title

‘Who do you support Keith, I don’t think I’ve ever asked you?’

‘Well no one really. I’ve always followed any football I can, I mean the team I like to see do well is AC Milan, no other reason apart from I like their kits. You?’

‘Well where I’m from in Moscow there’s 4 top teams, CSKA, Spartak, Lokomotiv & Dynamo Moscow…’

‘Ahh right, let me guess which you support’

‘Haha okay go on’







‘Gotta be Spartak then hasn’t it?’


‘What do you mean no?!?’

‘You never let me finish. Those are the 4 big teams in Moscow, however I follow the little brother of those teams, Torpedo Moscow. I was a season ticket holder for 11 years, went all over Russia to see them. It was my dream to play for them’

‘You never did?’

‘Nah, I wasn’t good enough. But if I ever return to Russia I’d love to manage them’

‘Would you manage any other Russia team?’

‘Yes of course, saying that I’ve got a soft spot for Amkar Perm, I managed them once on an old Football Manager game, 2015 I think it was. But I’m ambitious, I want to manage all over the world. If I could manage on 5 continents I’d be very happy’

‘I’m sure you will boss’

‘Thanks, hey if I ever get to North America, would you come back with me?’

‘We’ll see boss. I’m happy where I am for now’

‘Well there’s a lot we’ve got to get through. Lets go down to the training pitch’

Next episode – You take the rough with the smooth….

Next episode – Taking the initiative

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