The day after (mini-sode)

‘Hey boss, have you heard, you’re the front runner for the Pahang job, they just got relegated from the Super League’. Keith tells me as I approach the building

‘Oh, great, I guess.’

‘What’s up?’

‘I’ve got a meeting with the board. I’m not confident, look if this is my last day here, thanks for your help’

‘Oh no, well you know I’ve got your back’


The boardroom

‘Look, maybe I was a bit to confident..’

‘Cocky more like’ the chairman cuts me off

‘I was just trying to get the team confident and ready for this season. We’ve had some rotten luck, a few of the games we just couldn’t take our chances, any other day we’d have won’

‘But you didn’t. I knew it was a risk taking an unknown manager on, but I wanted to give you a chance. The longer we’re out of the Super League the bigger chance of never getting back. We’re the laughing stock of Malaysian football Dmitri, people are laughing at us, at ME!’

‘Let me put this right. Next season will defintiley be the season we go up’

‘No. I can’t. You promised me this time last year we’d go up, you gave me, the board, the fans assurances everything was in place to go up. I can’t take the risk Dmitri, I’m sorry but I wish you well in your future endeavours, you’re fired’.

Next episode – What happens next….

Previous episode – The final 2 games (part 2)


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