The final 2 games (part 1)

2 games. 2 games to get this club promoted back to the Super League. Just like last season we had to save our season and stop the potential relegation, this season it’s the opposite, we’re looking to get promoted out of this league. It’s quite the turnaround from possibly being relegated to now being a short step away from promotion. First up is Kuantan at home.

I tell the team that I expect nothing more than a win here, I’ve got to take the tough approach, lose today and our promotion hunt ends.

We start off okay as we kept the ball well enough without really threatening to score. As I thought to myself we’re comfortable here we gave away a stupid penalty. From then on whilst we saw enough of the ball we didn’t do much with it. Half time came and in an aggressive tone I asked the team where was their passion, and do they even want to win this game!

Despite most of the team responding well to my rallying call it took until the 74th minute to get the equaliser. Whilst it was a good finish from Katende the team didn’t create much else and the game filtered out. A disappointing draw all things considered.

Post match press conference

‘Despite being overwhelming favourites for this match, do you think the pressure got to your team?’

Mohd Sukri translates to me

‘Look, we’re still in with a shout of promotion. We’ve got 1 game left and I’m confident we can win the game. The season isn’t over yet’.

‘Potentially you are just a draw away form promotion, how are you going to approach this game?’

‘As we would any other game. I want to win every game but I’m not going to rely on PKNP not winning their game to help us out. It’s in our own hands and we’ve got to see it through ourselves. That’s all for today thank you’

Next episode – The final 2 games (part 2)

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