Welcome to the journey, man

Welcome to my first ever blog. I have been playing FM since the CM days of old, my first game being CM99/00 and I have had every edition since. Some call it obsession, I call it commitment. For whatever reason you find yourself here at my blog, and I thank you.

For those that don’t know, the Pentagon Challenge consists of winning the 5 Champions Leagues from each of the 5 continents in the base game which are:
• UEFA Champions League (Europe)
• CONCACAF Champions League (North America)
• COPA Libertadores (South America)
• AFC Champions League (Asia)
• CAF Champions League (Africa)

The aim of the challenge is to win each of the above listed competitions in any order whilst starting off unemployed, with a Sunday league rep and no badges. As an added target for this challenge, I am going to aim to win each of the 5 Champions Leagues twice, with different teams! As well as this I have seen other people putting international competitions such as the Euros, Copa America, World cup and so on so I am going to add the World cup in the aims for this save, as well as the Europa League & Copa Sudamericana.

As well as winning each continents Champions League, I want to manage the following teams:

• Torpedo Moscow if they become available through promotion
• Lokomotiv Moscow
• Minnesota United or Cincinnati (MLS)

As well as achieving the following:
• Win the World Cup more than once 
• Win the World Cup with at least 2 different nations
• Become favoured personnel at 3 clubs
• Become club icon at 2 clubs
• Become club legend at 2 clubs

Here is the story of a Moscow native as he sets out on the journey to complete this worldwide challenge.

Welcome to my journey, man!

Episode 1 – The journey begins

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